There's no shame in it - we all have a ton of tabs open on Chrome!
But all of these tabs chew up RAM and causes sluggishness and lags after a while.
With the handy-dandy Great Suspender you'll be back to running at full speed in no time!

the Great Suspender is a chrome plugin that automatically "sleeps" tabs you're not using and frees up the memory those tabs normally consume. Don't fret! The tabs aren't closed or anything, so you don't lose anything on the 'Sleeping' tabs. It's a huge performance booster and all of us use it here at Goodshuffle Pro.

You can control your 'Sleep' settings by clicking the plugin icon.

You can also 'Pin' important tabs (such as Gmail) that you never want to 'Sleep' by right clicking and select 'Pin Tab'

Can't handle the suspense...?

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