Downloading the Document 

First, ensure your team has the Receipt of Goods and Services saved to their phones.
They can download the document by clicking 'Print' in the top right of the project.

Then, they can save the PDF to their files on their phones by clicking 'Open In...'

After, select to 'Save to Files'

Sign on Site

Next, when they are on site, have them open the PDF from their Files section on their phones.

After opening the file, there'll be a small 'Pen' icon in the top right of their screen.

After, have your teammate select a pen and a color.

Then, the client can use two fingers to scroll to the bottom of the document (if needed) and sign for the document.

When finished, press 'Done' in the top left.

Uploading to Files Tab

The final step is to upload this to the Files tab on project in Goodshuffle Pro.

From the Files Tab, click to 'Add File'

Next, select to Browse the files on your phone to find the signed Receipt of Goods and Services and upload it to this project.

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