Outbound Transfers: How do they work?

If you're asking yourself "Yeah, but how do I get paid?", this article is for you!

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Credit Card transactions processed through our processor, Stripe, are transferred to your external bank account in 1-2 business days.

Each outbound transfer can include the funds from any number of charges (across any number of projects) and will be reduced by any refunds that were processed as well. To help shed some light on that, each "Received Credit" will expand to show you the charges, Stripe Capital paydowns, and refunds that it includes:

You'll notice that the net processing fees (total fees from charges minus any fees refunded by a refund) are subtracted from the gross amount charged. There is also a $0.25 transfer fee that is charged by Stripe that is reflected in the Received Credit as well. If you pass processing fees to your clients, this is the only fee you'll pay.

When you're looking at the Billing tab of a project, you'll also notice a Payments section that reflects all charges that have been applied to that project. When a charge or refund has been accounted for in a Received Credit, you'll notice that a "Settlement ID" is visible underneath the Charge or Refunds reference number. 

Obviously, having to open every project and read through the Payments section to see if every charge or refund has been associated with a Received Credit is ridiculous. That's why under your Finances section there is a streamlined view that gives you a quick view of any project with at least one credit card or ACH charge.

I hope this helps, and as usual, if you have any questions please feel free to chat with us by clicking the blue chat button in the bottom corner of your browser.


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