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How to sync your projects with Google Calendar plus access item details from your calendar

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Syncing with Google Calendar lets you and your company quickly see pull sheets and hourly schedules right on their calendar. Here's how to sync it up.

To first locate this feature navigate to 'Integrations' and scroll down to 'Connect To google Calendar'.

You will be asked permission to allow to manage your calendars. Select 'Allow' to move forward.

A similar color coding to what is shown on your dashboard will appear. You may edit and assign different categories to different coloring if you wish. 

Color coding helps you identify the status of a project in your calendar! 

Select 'Start Calendar Sync'. Your google calendar settings will appear as 'Active' if the sync is successful. You may disconnect the calendar at anytime under 'Integrations'. 

You can now access your projects in your google calendar!

A Line Item Group is required on the project in order for the project to sync with QuickBooks Online

By clicking on the event you can review all event details, documents, and notes.

Scroll down in the details to access and print a PDF version of any relevant documents. Below we show you how to access the 'Receipt of Goods & Services' for a project.

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