If you need to download pull sheets (or contracts, schedules, etc) for more than one project at a time, then you're in the right place. 

To do this, you want to visit your project list page. Then use the checkboxes found along the left hand side of your project list to select the projects in question. 

Be sure to use the available filters like date range, contract status, sales lead and more to better refine your project list!

Once you have your selections made, use the 'Bulk Download' icon in the top right to launch the file selection modal.

From there, select the file you would like to download across all your selected projects and click 'Email Files'. Goodshuffle Pro will then go and build the necessary pdfs and send them to your inbox! 

Here's a rundown of of the different file types you can download:

Contract - Unsigned - this is a blank (unsigned) copy of the contract as it exists at the time of download including any changes that have put the contract in an 'Unsigned Changes' state.

Contract - Signed - the most recently signed version of the contracts. This would exclude any changes that have happened after the last signature. For projects with no signature on file, no file will be generated.

Pull Sheet - Line Item Group - these are individual pull sheets for each project selected and organized by the line item groups as they are seen on the contract.

Pull Sheet - Item Category - these are individual pull sheets for each project selected and organized by the primary category of each item. If you have the same item several times on the contract, it will collapse down into a single item on this pull sheet and show the sum total of items needed.

Aggregate Pull Sheet - Item Category - this is a single pull sheet for all the selected projects and organized by the primary category of each item. This pull sheet will also include a list of all related projects at the end. This file is helpful when pulling inventory for an entire day, weekend, or even week.

Service Schedule - these are individual schedules for each project selected. 

Receipt of Goods & Services - these are individual client signature forms for each project selected showing the contracted items (no pricing) and includes a signature line from them to sign and acknowledge their receipt of your goods and services.

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