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  1. You will need a WordPress site. We’ve tested our plug-on on WordPress 5.2

  2. A web key from Goodshuffle Pro

You can find this in your Integrations tab.

   3. Our plugin [ download it ] save it somewhere that you can access easily.


1. Sign into your WordPress site using an account that has administrative access.

2. Select the “Plugins” item on the left sidebar.

3. At the top of the main area, click the “Add New” button.

4. At the top of the main area, click the “Upload Plugin” button.

5. Click “Choose File” – locate and select the plugin you downloaded.
6. Click “Install Now”
7. Click “Activate Plugin”

You should now see “Goodshuffle Wishlist” in your list of plugins.


Click the “Settings” link beneath “Goodshuffle Wishlist”.

Enter the “Web Key” that we provided you earlier.

Next, add create the name of a page you'd like your inventory displayed on. I suggest while getting started, name the page 'goodshuffle'.

Then, select which category you would like to display on this page by default. Your other categories and subcategories will be available on the side. You can learn more below. Note, you can leave this blank.

Note, you'll want to check the 'Display Wishlist on All Pages' when you're ready to list your wishlist on all pages. By default the wishlist will only display on the page listed with 'Display Inventory on Page'

Click 'Update Options'

Select the “Pages” item on the left sidebar.
Click “Add New” to create a new page.

Enter a title for the page (e.g. Goodshuffle)

Open the page settings (gear icon) in the top right corner, expand Page Attributes, and change template to “Full Width”

Click Publish in the top right.


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