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How can I setup and install the Website Integration?
Squarespace: Installation and Setup
How can I connect my Goodshuffle Pro account with my Squarespace site?
How can I connect my Goodshuffle Pro account with my Squarespace site?
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  1. Purchase the Website Wishlist Integration from your Integrations tab.

  2. Select Squarespace as your platform.

  3. Select which sales lead you want listed on your Wishlist projects.

  4. Copy the Public Browser Key and ensure your Approved Domain matches your website. You can adjust that here if need be.

Inject in Site Header

Then, from your Squarespace page, click Website > Website Tools > Code Injection

Copy and paste this snippet into the "Header" text box:

<script type="module" src="[email protected]/dist/gspro-wc/gspro-wc.esm.js"></script> <script nomodule="" src="[email protected]/dist/gspro-wc/gspro-wc.js"></script> <gspro-wishlist-config data-url="" ></gspro-wishlist-config>

PLEASE NOTE! You need to replace the text YOUR-PUBLIC-WEBSITE-KEY below with your Public Browser Key from Goodshuffle Pro (retrieved in the Activation step above).

Create a Gallery Page

From Pages, add either a Navigation Page (Pages > Main Navigation) or a Blank Page (Pages > Not Linked) and give the page a name.

Edit the Page and add a Code Block.

Edit the Code Block and add the snippet:


All Set!

You should now have a basic page that displays a list of relevant categories/ subcategories and your inventory.

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