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How do I hide pricing on my Website Integration?
How do I hide pricing on my Website Integration?

Can I remove inventory prices on my website? Yes. Should I? No.

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If you would like to remove pricing on your website, you can do so using a customizable field on the specific item whose prices you want to hide.

Check out our help article here.

Before you do, though, we want to remind you a few reasons we strongly recommend showing your pricing:

  1. Client experience. Price transparency has been proven time and time again to be the preference of the consumer. Bounce rates are significantly higher on websites that don't show pricing, as people become instantly frustrated by the lack of information. Particularly the younger generations, who have been raised on instant information, don't have time for calling a number or submitting a form simply to inquire about a basic piece of information like a price.

  2. Sales fit. Much like your clients, you don't have time to waste sifting through phone calls or form submissions from folks who simply don't have the budget to afford your services. You don't want to spend your morning going through projects submitted by overzealous high school kids planning their prom or a bride who is convinced that your handmade wooden backdrop is only $5.

  3. Bad actors. Clients who see no pricing assume there is room for negotiation (annoying) and that your business is less "legitimate" (dangerous). This type of amorphous pricing model not only can be a massive time suck for you, but can attract the type of shopper who will later dispute their credit card charge and make false claims against you. Companies with pricing transparency are less likely to be targeted by scammers, as they are viewed as more professional, structured, and prepared.

Remember, you fully control your website. You can add whatever language you like such as "Prices listed are not final" or "Pricing may change based on date, location, and more." Plus, the website wishlist does not create a total or full quote, since its expected you will add services, upsell, and more. However, the wishlist is a helpful way to set expectations with your client, deliver you better sales leads, and make the rest of the sale a smooth experience for all parties.

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