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Can I hide prices on my Website Integration?

How do I hide prices on my Website Integration so clients have to contact me for information?

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We strongly recommend showing your pricing on your website for good client experience, to assure sales fit and reduce unqualified inquiries, and to eliminate the risk involved with bad actors.

For versions of the Website Integration 0.5.2 and later, the following techniques will show you how to hide prices for items being displayed on the Wishlist.

First, open the edit panel of the item whose price visibility settings you want to update. Scroll down to the section marked Pricing and find the type of pricing (Daily, Hourly, Purchase or Flat Fee) you would like to hide.

Find the box marked "Show Pricing on eCommerce" (See below)

Uncheck that box, and that price will no longer be visible on the Wishlist.

It can sometimes take a few minutes for the price visibility to update on your page.

This will prevent any visitors to your site from selecting that price.

Anyone inspecting your page source or network traffic will not be able to see that price.

Note: We strongly discourage hiding every price on an item. While it will obscure the prices of any site visitors, it will also prevent users from seeing the different rate types you offer (such as daily vs. flat fee pricing).

For versions of the Wishlist 0.5.1 and earlier, the following technique will hide prices.

However, we strongly encourage upgrading to version 0.5.2 in order to take advantage of the new features. It will also give you more nuanced control over which prices you want to hide.

However, there may be some instances when you want to hide pricing on specific pages. Some examples of this include:

  • Show pricing for all standard items, but hide it for custom pieces

  • Show pricing for individual items, but hide it for packages

Anyone that can inspect your web page’s source code may be able to see your prices. This is the CSS snippet to hide pricing data on your entire website:

.gspro-o-price { 
display: none !important;

Want to hide it for just a specific page? Instead of putting it in the page header or in the site styles, you will add the following code snippet to each page you want to hide pricing on:

<style>.gspro-o-price { 
display: none !important;

To hide pricing on item cards in a list ONLY:

.gspro-c-item-card__price {
display: none !important;

This is what your clients will see when there is no price listed for an item:

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