FYI before you start:

The Wishlist uses semantic versioning.

  • Our version releases follow the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH formula
  • Patch updates won’t contain any breaking changes
  • Minor updates may come with small changes to the formatting or layout of components
  • Booking an upgrade appointment (limited availability- book soon!) or scheduling time with your Wishlist partner is the best way to iron out any kinks in styling changes brought on by MINOR and MAJOR wishlist updates

Check out our changelog

  • There you can find information on what new features come with the Wishlist update
  • This will also give you the latest version to upgrade to for certain steps below

Note: it may take a few minutes for your changes to show up on your website.

Upgrading Squarespace

  1. Go to the changelog and get the latest version number
  2. Go to the location on your site where you have placed the wishlist code for site header
  3. This is usually found at Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection
  4. Find the two lines, starting with a <script> tag, that download the Wishlist from
  5. Replace the version number of your Wishlist header code with the latest version
  6. Make sure to do this for BOTH script tags in your site header
  7. Make sure both script tags are on the same version
  8. Save your changes
  9. That’s it!


The below figure highlights the version number on the header code of a Squarespace Wishlist integration.

This site is on version 0.4.3 of the Wishlist.

All you need to do is replace that number (0.4.3) with the latest version grabbed from the changelog above.

Upgrading Wordpress

  1. Log into the Wordpress Admin for your website
  2. Click on the plugins tab
  3. Scroll down to find your Goodshuffle Wishlist plugin
  4. Click to deactivate the Goodshuffle Wishlist plugin
  5. Download the latest version of the Wishlist plugin
  6. Follow the steps for Installation on our developer documentation
  7. Check your plugin configuration to make sure nothing has changed. If there are changes, follow the relevant instructions.
  8. Activate the new version of the plugin (this can only be done after deactivating the old version)
  9. After verifying the new version is working, you can safely delete the old version of the Goodshuffle Wishlist plugin
  10. You're set!

Upgrading Custom Sites

  1. Find where the two script tags responsible for importing the Wishlist code from are located
  2. Go to our changelog to get the latest version of the Wishlist
  3. Replace the version in the import URL with the latest version.
  4. Save and deploy your changes
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