Show Quantity on item-card component (

items in list display)

Show Quantity on item-detail (pop-up when clicking an item)

You can enable display of item quantities in two places using CSS.

NOTE: The quantities displayed are only maximum inventory quantities, not actual in stock inventory. This allows you to:

  • provide alternative inventory (e.g. slightly different color)
  • subrent or purchase more items to fulfill order

To show the quantity on the item-card component (items in list display):

gspro-item-card.gspro-c-item-card .gspro-c-item-card__quantity { 
display: block !important;

To show quantity on item-detail (pop-up when clicking an item):

.gspro-c-item-detail__quantity { 
display: block !important;

If you wish to hide item quantity, simple replace display: block !important with display: none !important in the snippets above.

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