How can I create a custom message template?

Here's how you can create and customize your own email template.

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Head to your Message "Templates" section

Click "Create Template"

Next, you'll select the type of template you'll be creating

To learn more about Quote, Invoice, and Contract templates, click here. To begin creating a custom template that can be inserted into any message, click "Create" under Custom.

Here you can add a subject line, message text, customize the message text with personalization tokens, and add default attachments. You can also select "Allow this Template to be editable by my team" if you would like your team to have access to the same custom template.

A couple of options for custom templates could be:

  • A template for Music requests, with the appropriate attachments.

  • An "Inspiration" template, with attached photos of different designs for centerpieces.

  • A message asking for the correct dimensions of a tent location

  • A template asking to confirm delivery times (click here to learn more!)

Below is an example of a completed message template:

After you've created your message template, click "Save" to save your template.

This template can be inserted when creating a new message or responding to a client!

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