What are Item Galleries and Item Lists?

The difference between an Item Gallery and an Item List for your Website Integration

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Item Gallery

An Item Gallery allows your clients to view the Goodshuffle Pro categories and search through your items.

To get started with an Item Gallery, you'll use this snippet:

<gspro-item-gallery> </gspro-item-gallery>

You have numerous customization options with your item Gallery, such as hiding the categories but allowing your clients to search,

Snippet used for hiding categories,


Or starting your page with a specific search,

Snippet Used to start with a specific search,


An example of an Item Gallery can be found here.

Item List

An item list allows you to determine which inventory you'd like shown on a page. It's helpful for scoped/themed pages. Item Lists do not allow for Search bars.

To use an Item List, you'll need to tell your page which group of items you'd like - for example, you can scope to a specific category. (Learn how to find the categories available here)

Snippet used to scope to Linens Only,


You can also scope to a specific tag on your items (learn more about Tags here)

Snippet used to show only certain tags,


An example of an Item List can be found here.

In both Item Galleries and Item Lists, you are able to use multiple different customization options - such as all items with a specific tag, in a specific category. You are not limited to one setting - you can combine settings to get the exact items you're looking for!

As a note, Item Galleries and Item Lists are separate from your default page. An example of this can be found here.

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