How to get a search bar to appear on a category page?

Here is how you can add or remove a search bar from your page.

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On a high level, if you want to show the search bar, use an Item Gallery with this code snippet: <gspro-item-gallery>. If you do not want to show the search bar, use an Item List with this code snippet <gspro-item-list>. Learn more about the differences here.

The default setup of a Wishlist integration involves adding a <gspro-item-gallery> to your page. This component comes out of the box with a search bar and category selection sidebar (see below).

If you just want to hide the category selection sidebar, you can set the show-categories attribute to false.

If you want to remove both the search bar and category selection sidebar, you will use a <gspro-item-list>. To give it a “gallery-like” feel, you can increase the size attribute and use any of the available filtering options as seen below.

See the documentation on <gspro-item-list> for more information on customizing your component.

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