Manage Your Company’s Information

Add & edit your company profile, location, and bank info. Also view all electronic transfers to your account.

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Only the account administrator can edit the company information. The information includes company profile, locations, and bank info.

Company Profile

Your company profile information is pulled from the form you filled out upon registering, but can be changed using the “Edit” button in the top righthand corner. 

To add a Company Logo, drag and drop or upload an image. Use the built in editor to add a frame, stickers, captions, and more. Keep in mind, this logo will appear in all communication with clients and all printed artifacts, such as contracts and pull sheets, so use the best quality image available. 

Company Locations

You can add/edit locations on the Account > Company page. Whichever location you set as your Headquarters will be used to calculate any mileage rates for delivery. 

Be sure to note on every location whether or not customers can pick up and what your hours are for the location. This information will appear on your profile. If you have the same hours most days, use our handy “Use Previous” button to copy hours from the previous day.

Company Bank Info

Entering your bank information is crucial, as this is how you get paid in Goodshuffle Pro. If you collect an online payment, but don’t have your bank info entered, the payment will be held in Stripe until you’ve updated your bank info. 

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