Add, Edit, and Crop Your Company Logo

Steps on how to add your company logo and use our built in editor to crop and edit.

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To begin the process of adding a company logo to your account, proceed to the "Company" tab on your dashboard. 

Select the "Upload Logo" button which will allow you to locate your preferred logo from its respective location within your computer. 

Locate the logo by typing in its title in the search box. You may also drag and drop the logo into the finder. Select the desired file and press "Open". 

The logo will become visible to you such as below. Keep in mind, this logo will appear in all communication with clients and all printed artifacts, such as contracts and pull sheets, so use the best quality image available. 

You may crop or center the image be selecting the "Edit Image" feature.

Apply the desired crop and select "Apply".

Use the built in editor to add a frame, stickers, captions, and more. When you are done select "Save" and the changes will be applied.  

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