Do I need my own Stripe account?

This article walks through how a Stripe Profile is created in Goodshuffle Pro.

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The good news is no you don't need your own Stripe Account! A custom Stripe account is created for you when you first register for Goodshuffle Pro. You will need to confirm a few account details and update the Identity Verification Information. As part of the 'Know Your Customer' regulations, we need to collect information from you in order to verify your account with Stripe. All payments handled in Goodshuffle Pro will be processed through this Stripe account and transferred directly into your bank. Stripe is the Payment Gateway that connects to your account and allows you to receive online payments from your clients. Goodshuffle Pro uses Stripe to process credit cards and other forms of payment.

Note: Please ensure the information you enter matches exactly what's on your IRS SS-4 form. When looking at an SS-4 and looking at the legal entity name and address, everything above the first line of the address will be what the IRS has registered on their systems for the name of the business.

Entering your bank information is crucial, as this is how you get paid in Goodshuffle Pro. If you collect an online payment but don’t have your bank info entered, the payment will be held in Stripe until you’ve updated your bank info.

You can head to your Account tab to add your company's bank information. Click here for a guide to connect your bank account with Goodshuffle Pro.

Click here for more information about Stripe and how to get paid.

Stripe and Payment FAQs

Can I use my existing Stripe Account? It is not possible to connect to a Stripe Account outside of the one Goodshuffle Pro set up for you.

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