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Setting Up Tax Types With Locations
Setting Up Tax Types With Locations

A step-by-step guide to setting up your tax types and handling different tax rates for different locations

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Tax types with multiple rates and locations can be confusing to set up. Following this guide will ensure Goodshuffle Pro users set up all their different tax types and rates correctly!

Tax Types Panel

First, let's navigate to the Tax Types panel.
Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Account. (Note: Only account owner can access the Tax Types panel)

Now you are in the Account Settings. Here you want to click on the Policies and Taxes tab and then click Tax Types. 

Adding/Editing Tax Types and Rates

A Tax Type is the specific type of tax like Rental Tax, Beverage Tax, Sales Tax, etc. If you only have one type of tax you charge for all items (even if it varies per county), this should be easy. The reason we allow for many, is that some folks must charge a completely different type of tax for certain items, such as food and beverage.

A Tax Rate is the percentage taken from the sub total. Different locations may have different rates for each tax type. Lets set up a new Tax Type and then we will add different tax rates to different locations to that type.
(Note: Do NOT add a different tax type for each location. This will make it impossible to add the appropriate type to your inventory.)

Click on "Add New" to add a new Tax Type.

Here we can define any tax type we want. For this example, let's use sales tax. Type "Sales Tax" into the text box and click save. 

Now we can define different locations and their associated rates for the "Sales Tax" Type. We will start by making a state wide Sales Tax for Boulder with a rate of 2%. 

Be sure to click the suggested name below, so Google Maps can populate the County and State information.

After we click "Add" for our city level tax, we can add different taxes for specific the county and the state.

For instance, lets add a 3% tax for Boulder County, and 4% for Colorado (state). 

Now I can quickly and easily see when I do a project in Boulder, I'll charge the 4% State, 3% County, and 2% City rate for a total of 9%

I can also click the 'Map' icons to see the limits of these areas.

Now you can see we have a different "Sales Tax" rate for Denver, even though Denver is in Colorado. Lets make a few more and see what it looks like. 

Do you need to charge a Services Tax on your Labor and Cleaning fees? You can set this Tax Type to just apply to Services moving forward.

If you want to add other Tax Types, just repeat these steps above. Lets take a look at our finished product with multiple Tax Types and locations.

We're Done!! We have successfully set up all our different Tax Types and rates. Now we can select any type of tax when creating an item in inventory or building a project, and the software will automatically find the correct rate to use based on the location of the venue, logistics (Drop off or Pickup) or your company headquarters. 

To learn about adding Tax Types to inventory and custom items, check out this article here.

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