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Setting up the Google calendar integration without a Gmail account
Setting up the Google calendar integration without a Gmail account

Can I use the Google calendar integration if I do not have a gmail account as my email?

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Many may wonder if you must have a Gmail account to use google calendar. The answer is no! Here's how it's done:

Create your Google calendar

  1. Head over to this  Create your Google Account link so create your Google account without creating a Gmail account.

  2.  Enter you information and your current business email address that you would like to associate with the account. 

3. Log into your selected email address and find the confirmation code sent to you by Google. 

4. Enter the given code into the Google sign up page and select Verify.

5. You will be asked to provide a phone number for confirmation. Enter your desired number and select if you would like to receive a code over text or call. 

Enter the given code and select Verify.

6. Congrats! You have just created a Google calendar that is connect to your current business email. You will receive all notification and calendar invitations through your non-Google email account.

Connecting Your Google Calendar to Goodshuffle Pro

  1. Access the Integrations page by selecting User>Account. Scroll down to the Google Calendar page and select Connect to Google Calendar. 

2. The popup menu will ask you to log into your new Google account. Enter your login information and select Allow to give Goodshuffle Pro permission to access and sync with your calendar! 

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