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How can I add a custom cancellation policy?
How can I add a custom cancellation policy?

Here's how you can add a custom cancellation policy on your account.

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Let's say you want to have a cancellation policy that will include the client receiving a company credit if they cancel within x days of the event.

Our provided template for cancellation policies has been carefully reviewed and designed for maximum coverage and security across all business types.
As such, there are no open edit fields in the Cancellation Policies section of your account.

However, you can add any custom Cancellation verbiage to your Terms and Conditions section.

First, click your name in the top right of your screen and click Account.
Next, select the Policies and Taxes tab and click Edit in your Terms & Conditions section.

Here you can you can include any details that wouldn't normally fit in your Cancellation Policies section. 

Now you can turn off showing your Cancellation Policy section (because they're now included in your Terms and Conditions) from all your projects moving forward:

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