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How can I change Terms & Conditions within a project?
How can I change Terms & Conditions within a project?

Here's how you can change your Terms & Conditions on the fly from within a project.

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Terms & Conditions, Payment Policies, and Cancellation Policies can all be set in the “Account” section.

If you have policies attached to a specific client, the policies will auto populate once you add that client to the contract.

To change the terms while in the contract, click the “Change” button located next to each option. This will only change the terms for this project. To change the default, go to your "Account" section and scroll down to "Terms & Conditions Templates" (note: only the company admin has this privilege). 

You can select saved terms & conditions from the drop-down option. Admins can also elect to click “Create New Template”. 

Fill out all information, then click “Save Template” to apply your new terms & conditions to the contract.

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