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How can I record an offline refund?
How can I record an offline refund?
Here's how you can record a refund made through cash, check, or another offline method.
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Let's say you need to refund a client in an 'offline' (Cash, check, etc) format.
To get started, head on over to the Billing section of the project and click 'Issue Refund'

From here, you can select the payment you want to refund.
First up, if you want to refund a credit card payment (or any other online payment method) you'll have the option of refunding them in either an online or offline method.

For this example, let's say you're going to refund their credit card payment via check. 

(If you'd like to learn how to issue online refunds, click here!)

You'll now be able to see your refund back in the Refunds section!

Next up, let's explore issuing a cash refund for a cash payment.
The first thing you'l'l notice is that for offline payments only offline refunds are available.

Follow the same process as above to issue the refund.
When you're ready to submit, click 'Process (dollar amount) Refund'

As a reminder: Only check the box at the bottom if the client no longer needs to pay the amount refunded!

Now you'll be able to see your refunds in the 'Billing' tab of the project!

Any partially refunded payments will be marked as such!

If you want to edit or remove your refunds, click the '+' icon next to the refund.
Then click the three dots on the right of the refund.

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