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How can I control the pricing of my items?
How can I charge the weekly price for my rental items?
How can I charge the weekly price for my rental items?

Here's how you can have Goodshuffle Pro charge the weekly rate for your items.

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When you create or your inventory items you'll be given the option of adding the One Day, Three Day, Weekly, and Monthly pricing.

If I just have a One Day Price for an item (let's say 500.00 /day) and the Line Item Group Dates are from the 1st to the 4th, then my client will be charged $1,500.00.

If I wanted to charge my client a Weekly price, I would have the One Day and the Weekly pricing structures be the same.

You can edit the price by clicking edit on the Product, Service, or Package. Then, scroll down to the pricing section. This is where you will enter the weekly rate.

You can also edit from the Inventory page by clicking the Unit Price and adding the weekly price to the item detail box.

Goodshuffle Pro will always pick the best price for your clients, so if I set the One Day and Weekly price to 500.00, your client will only be charged 500.00 even if the project just runs a few days.

For a quick review of pricing structures in Goodshuffle Pro, check out the video below:

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