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How can I create a Damage Waiver?
How can I create a Damage Waiver?

Here's how you can create a Damage Waiver in your Services.

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First up you'll need to create a service for your Damage Waiver charges under Services in your Inventory. You can label this under 'General Services'.


  • Enter the Service information (you can also select the pricing structure - flat rate, percent of order, percent of line item group, etc).

  • Most vendors create a new Line Item Group called 'Services' in their projects where they would include all of the services for that project

  • You could just as easily add a Labor Service in the same Line Item Group as a Tent to show both your team and your client what the labor is being used for

Note: Multiple Damage Waivers or Services added to a project will not calculate their price off of each other. These services will only apply to rental items (when priced by Percent of Line Item Group) or rental items and logistics (when priced by Percent of Order).

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