Where can I see which of my clients owes me money?

Here's how you can use the Due Balances Report to quickly see which how much your clients owe you.

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Let's say you want to know which of your clients are behind on their payments.
You can head into your Reports section under your Finances tab and select the Due Balances Report.

This report will break down all of your contacts that have due balances. To view an individual project, click the dropdown to expand that particular contact's project(s).

You will see a subtotal for each time window (0-30 days past due, 31-60, etc) with a Total Past Due (the total amount that is due according to your payment policies on signed contracts), and Total Outstanding (the total amount owed by a client including both past and future payments, such as a Net 30 payment that may not be 'due' now).

Click 'export' to download this report.

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