One of the first places you can see the specific amounts due and when is on the initial Quote you send to your client.

This can be found in your Files under 'Unsigned Contract'

After your client has signed the contract, you'll be able to see the remaining balances on the Invoice.

This document will also be under your Files section!

You'll also receive an email confirmation after they sign with details of payment due dates.

You'll also be able to keep track of payments and due dates right from the main Contract section of your Project.

Once your client has paid, the paid balance and the remaining balance will be listed at the bottom of the Unsigned Contract document you can access by selecting 'Print' in the top right of your Project, and then selecting Contract (Unsigned).

If you have edited a signed contract and are sending your client another Quote for approval their amount paid and their amount due on resign will be reflected on both the Project itself and on the quote sent to your client.

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