Send An Invoice To A Client

A "How To" guide to send invoices to a client and re-sending up to date invoices so the client can pay the rest of the amount that is due.

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To send an invoice to a client it is as simple as clicking the blue Send To Client button in the upper right-hand side of a Signed Contract (or Green) project. 

Note: Invoices can only be sent from a Signed Contract (Green), Quotes will be sent from projects in the New Projects (Yellow), Quote Sent (Blue), or Unsigned Changes (Red) states.

If you are sending an invoice to a client for the first time, check out this article on how to preview the contract and edit the email that your client will see

If your client has already signed and you just want them to pay, then you will want to re-send the invoice. This will NOT make them re-sign as you are sending them a digital contract with the signature already on it. By re-sending the invoice you are giving your client the link where they can pay instantly online. Simply click the blue "Send To Client" button to re-send the signed invoice.  

Note: You can change what the email says like "Hi there! Just wanted to remind you that we are awaiting payment before we process and prep your rental. You can pay online here... Thanks!"

Once the Client receives that email with the linked invoice, they will see something like this:

Clicking on the "View Invoice" Button will bring them DIRECTLY to the Payments page (so they will not need to re-sign if they had already signed the contract and no new changes had been added).

On the Payment's page, the amount that is due will show at the top. While a break down of the contract total, processing fees, and remaining balance will show below. All of these numbers are automatically calculated and updated every time a payment is made. This means the client never has to do any calculations themselves and the amount will change instantly both in the client's view and on Goodshuffle Pro as soon as any payment is made. Partial or full. 

If the client scrolls down further on the same page, they will see the contract itself with another breakdown of payments at the bottom. This one shows how much they have already paid as well as subtotal and taxes.

Clients can pay by check, e-check, cash, credit card or any other means of payment. As long as the information gets in to the system, all the billing and payment information will automatically recalculate and update!

Check the article below for how to input "Offline payments" (cash, check, etc.) into Goodshuffle Pro.

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