What happens when a Quote is signed?

Here's what will happen after your client signs a Quote.

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As soon as your client signs a Quote, a few things will happen:

Quote to an Invoice

The Quote will become an Invoice.

This will change the label of the project, as well as note if any money is currently due. As a reminder, payment will only be required once it becomes an Invoice.

This will also result in the Invoice syncing with QuickBooks Online.

Email Notifications

Emails will be sent to both the Sales Lead, any Sales Users assigned to the project, and the client with an attached PDF version of the signed contract.

Client's Email

Your Email

Note that if you manually mark a project as Signed, no emails are sent.

Amount Due

If a deposit is requested on signature, the project will now appear as 'Due' in Goodshuffle Pro.
On the client's side they will be taken directly to securely pay through Stripe after signing.

Project in Goodshuffle Pro

The moment the client signs online, the project will automatically update from a Quote Sent (blue) to Contract Signed (green).

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