Send a Quote to a Client

How to preview the client view, customize the email, and send a Quote to your client.

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Once you've completed a quote and are ready to send to the client, you first may want to preview the client's view, by sliding the Vendor View toggle to Client View in the top left, above the project status.

Once you’re in the client view, you can preview what the quote & contract look like to your client.

Send the contract to your client by clicking “Send to Client” in the project.

A screen will pop up so you can review the contract information. If changes are needed, click the “x” in the top right-hand corner to go back to the project to make changes. If all information looks correct, click “Insert Message” to send the contract.


A new screen will pop up where you can review or edit the email subject line, add additional recipients such as the Accounting department or a wedding planner, and also the email message that will be sent to the contact.

After the client has signed, the project will change to the ‘Contract Signed’ state.

To a send a client an invoice for them to pay online without needing to sign the contract again, check out this help article:

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