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How can I offer my clients gift cards?

Here's how you can offer your clients a gift card and apply it to a project for them in the future.

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Sending the Gift Card

First, create a new project for the client who will be paying for the gift card. You can even add a service to your inventory for 'Gift Cards' so that you can track it's usage and revenue.

Next, create a specific terms and conditions template to be for your gift card orders. (Learn more)

Then, you can either manually mark the project as signed (to just send them an invoice - Learn More) or send them the quote as normally to have them sign.

Hide the Cancellation Policy on that project (Learn More)
Require 100% upfront (Learn More)

Applying the Gift Card

First, create a project with that contact who'll be receiving the gift card.

Then, apply their $100 Offline Payment. (Learn More)
If you're offering a 'Pay 100, get 120' add a Line item of 20% off (using a specialty discount called COVID Gift card - Learn More)

After, put all those projects on the same date. Ideally one that you typically don't book e.g. a Tuesday in Nov, so you can change the dates at a later time.

You can find these projects by:

-Looking at the COVID Gift Card service and seeing upcoming projects. (Learn More)

-Looking at that date and calling people to follow up to book their event.

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