1. Purchase the integration from your Integrations tab.

  2. The web key from Goodshuffle Pro that can be found in your Integrations tab.

To get started with listing your inventory on your Weebly site, first click 'Settings'.

Next, click 'SEO'.

Here we'll add some Code Snippets to the Footer and Header section.

Note: in this screen the Footer section shows first, followed by the Header. Normally the Header is thought to be at the top.

You can find the Snippets here.

Then, copy and paste the Snippet found in the Step One in the link above into the Header section.

You'll need to ensure the end of the first line matches your Public Browser Key mentioned in the Requirements section above.

After, copy and paste the Snippet found in the Step Two in the link above into the Footer section.

Publish these changes in the top right and let's take a look.

You'll now have the Wishlist Icon on your website in the bottom right!

Adding Inventory to Your Pages

First, head to Pages.

Next, find the page you'd like to add your inventory to (or add a new page).

Then, let's add an element to this page. Click 'Build' and scroll down till you find 'Embed Code'. Drag and drop the Embed Code to wherever you want it on your webpage.

Click the box that says 'Click to Set Custom HTML', then click 'Edit Custom HTML'.

Next, copy and paste the Code Snippet found here under Step 3.

From here you can add a specific set of search instructions to pull up certain items.

You can learn more about searching items here.

Click 'Publish' in the top right.

Now when you visit your page, you will see a Search, Filter, and Category section.

You can learn more about how your clients will use these pages here.

Great job!

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