How can I submit a quote request online?

How you can submit a quote request using a Goodshuffle Pro Website Integration.

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Note: Some stylistic and layout preferences may vary from website to website.

When visiting a vendor's website, you'll be able to quickly navigate between the different sections they've created.

Searching for Items

You can also quickly search for the items you want using the search bar, filtering by specific colors, sizes, or other attributes under 'Filters', or specify which category you'd like to view.

Adding Items To Your Wishlist

When you find an item you love, you can click the 'Heart' symbol (or other symbol added per vendor) to add it to your wishlist.

When viewing a specific item, you can scroll through an interactive photo gallery...

...Update the quantities, date selections, or start time for the item, and add it to your Wishlist...

...And view the description and other details of the item.

Item Relations

When viewing an item, make sure you scroll down to view the item's accessories. Such as picking the color of cushion for your chair.

Alternate suggestions to inspire you.

If you're selecting a package, you'll notice the "Package Contents" beneath. These will all be included simply by adding the package.

Completing Your Quote Request

When you're ready, click the shopping cart in the bottom right corner of your screen to complete your request.

From here, you can select/update the dates for your event, update the quantities of the items you ordered, and finally add your contact and venue information.

Finally, add in the required information and click 'Send List'

You'll receive a message confirming your wishlist order was submitted, and an email with the wishlist order number.

Your vendor will reach out to you to clarify details and send back your official quote and contract so you can sign and pay online. Want to know what'll happen when your vendor approves your quote? Learn more here!

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