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How can I easily sign and pay online?
How can I easily sign and pay online?

Here are the quick and secure steps that you will take to sign and pay online.

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When you first receive a quote, you will receive an email notifying you about your exciting new event.

Click to open the email and from here you'll be able to click 'View Quote' to start the three simple steps of 'Approve, Sign, and Pay'.

Once you click 'View Quote' you will be able to review all the items in your quote and scroll through the gorgeous photo galleries.

At the bottom you will be able to click 'I Approve'

Next, you will be able to scroll through all of the Terms and Conditions and Policies

You'll be able to easily and securely digitally sign at the bottom of this section

When you click 'Sign Contract' you will be able to select your preferred method of payment

If you'd like to pay via Credit Card, you'll first need to add in your card information and click 'Add Card'

You can then select if you'd like to keep your card on file or auto pay any remaining balances. Then you can click 'Confirm Payments'

Once the payment quickly succeeds, you'll receive a pop up window and an email confirming the payment.

If you need to communicate with the company that sent you the quote, simply click 'Reply' to start a message thread.

By the way, as a courtesy, we also do attach a PDF of the quote at the bottom of the initial email.

Keep your eyes peeled for other email confirmations after you've signed and paid!

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