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What affects the live link that is sent to the client?
What affects the live link that is sent to the client?

Will the live link contract automatically apply project changes made after it is initially sent? What changes could be made?

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When sending a contract to a client, they receive an email with a live link. The link holds the contract details, ability to sign and ability for client to pay all at one time and/or over a span of time. 

Below is a look at what the customer receives in their email mailbox:

This live link can be changed or deleted at any time. Changes that affect this link are:

  • Anytime you add/delete something to an unsigned contract

  • Your clients will not be required to resign an already signed contract that did not have any changes made - the live link will keep the signature on it if the contract has been signed no matter how many times you close, re-open, re-send the link. 

    • Changes made to a signed contract must be confirmed before the link is updated and will require a new signature as well as an update to the payment information to reflect the increase or decrease in price.

  • The payment rate and information will also stay consistent and will always have the current amount due.

    • Updating a signed contract will show the last signed balance due, until the new quote is re-signed.  

  • Marking the contract as lost will freeze the link so the customer can not view, sign or pay the contract.

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