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What does each contract status mean?

The definition of each color-coded contract status and how to manage/change them.

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Contract statuses change automatically once the contract has been sent and signed, but you can also change the status manually.

When you first create the project, the status will be yellow. This indicates that the project has been created, but not sent to the client yet.

After the contract has been sent to the client, the status will be blue. This indicates that the contract/quote has been sent to the client, but has not yet been signed. 

Click “Click Status” to the change the quote status manually. You would want to do this if the contract was signed in person and not e-signed.

Selecting the “Contract Signed” option will prompt a second screen, asking you to confirm that the contract has been signed. This action cannot be undone, so it is important that the contract has been signed before you select this option. 

Once the contract has been signed, the contract status will be green.

Changes can be made once the contract has been signed. Select “Edit Signed Contract” to make changes to an existing contract. 

Once changes have been made, save the changes, and resend to the client for a signature. The status bar will be red, reminding you to get a new signature for any changes that have been made.

*Unsigned changes (additions and removals) will not push to fulfillment unless you turn Fulfillment Sync on. Learn more here.*

If the renter cancels, click “Change Status” and then select “Lost”. This will cancel the contract and the status will be black, indicating that the business has been lost.

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