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What is the client experience?

Here's what your client will experience when signing and paying.

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When you first receive a quote, you will receive an email notifying you about your new event.

Click to open the email and from here you'll be able to click 'View Quote' to start the three simple steps of 'Approve, Sign, and Pay'.

Once you click 'View Quote' you will be able to review all the items in your quote and scroll through the photo galleries.

This live link will update in real-time on your end as items are added, edited, or removed by the company.

At the bottom, you will be able to click 'I Approve'.

Next, you will be able to scroll through all of the Terms and Conditions and Policies.

You'll be able to easily and securely digitally sign at the bottom of this section.

When you click 'Sign Contract' you will be able to select your preferred method of payment. Click 'Pay Online' and then choose a preferred method.

You will also have the ability to edit your payment amount. For instance, you may opt to pay a portion of the deposit on one card and the remaining portion on a second card or you may opt to pay the entire balance.

If you'd like to pay via Credit Card, you'll first need to add in your card information and click 'Add Card'. Here is where you'll have the option to keep this card on file.

You can also choose to save and autofill your payment details for future purchases using Link.

You can then select if you'd like to authorize auto pay for any remaining balances. Then you can click 'Confirm Payments'. You'll see a pop-up window to confirming that the payment was successful.

Once the payment quickly succeeds, you'll see a timestamp and a 'Charged' status next to the payment. You'll also receive an email confirming the payment.

If necessary, you have the option to click 'remove' in order to delete the stored card.

If you need to communicate with the company that sent you the quote, simply click 'Reply' to start a message thread.

​By the way, as a courtesy, we also attach a PDF of the quote at the bottom of the initial email.

After Signing and Paying Online

You'll receive two emails once you sign and pay for your contract online:

  1. A 'Payment Successful' email and

  2. A 'Signed Contract' email

You can click on an email to either print an invoice ('Signed Contract' email) or a receipt ('Payment Successful' email). Each email also contains additional invoice details to ensure you're aware of payment due dates.

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