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What is the customer experience for Buy Now, Pay Later?
What is the customer experience for Buy Now, Pay Later?

Here is what your client will see when they opt to pay with Buy Now, Pay Later (via Affirm).

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Your customers will have the option to pay with Buy Now, Pay Later after they click 'Sign Contract', located on the second tab of their live quote link.

After your customer signs the contract, they will be directed to the 'Pay Invoice' tab. From here, they can click 'Pay Online' where they will have the ability to edit their payment amount. For instance, they may opt to pay the entire balance.

Next, they can click 'Buy Now, Pay Later (Affirm)', enter their Full Name and Billing Address, click 'Pay with Affirm', and then click 'Confirm Confirm Payments of x amount'. This will direct them to the next page to confirm the payment total and then set up an account with Affirm.

Once your customer creates an Affirm account, they will be able to choose a payment plan.

The next page will ask your customer to review their payment plan (up to 36 monthly payments with interest). This includes opting into AutoPay, adding a payment method, and agreeing to the payment terms by clicking 'Confirm'.

If the purchase is successful, your customer will see a 'Your purchase is complete' notice before redirecting them back to the live invoice link from Goodshuffle Pro.

They'll see a 'Payment Succesful' pop-up window and their invoice will reflect the 'Total Paid' through Buy Now, Pay Later and the 'Remaining Balance'.

Your customer will also receive an automatic 'Payment Successful' notification via email where they can print a receipt for their own records. They can also view additional invoice details located near the bottom of the email.

Please note that Buy Now, Pay Later is only an available payment option for payments of at least $50.00 USD.

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