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How to add Event Spaces

Here's how you can track your Event Space or Venue Rentals in Goodshuffle Pro

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First, you'll want to add your different rental spaces as individual products in Goodshuffle Pro so you can track their usage individually. Here is how to add items to your inventory.

Once you've entered your individual spaces as products, you can create a Package (Article) for each space. You'll create a package so that if you have different rates (such as weekday or weekend rates) or multiple options for your space rentals that use a combination of spaces in your venue, you'll be able to easily track conflicts.

You'll add the individual ballroom as a content of your package. If additional spaces can be rented for an additional charge, or other items such as chairs or tables, you can add them as Optional Accessories. (Article)

Now that your event space is entered as a product and put into a package, you can add this package to a project.

Once this package is added to a project, you'll see the inventory item of the room itself has been added - this means if you try and book the same room on the same day, you'll see a conflict, helping you avoid overbooking.

So you and your team can quickly add approved additional items, move your cursor over the package - You'll see the option to add any accessories, such as another space, chairs, or tables.

Now that you have your event space packages put together, you'll quickly see if any space has a conflict - and determine which event is causing the conflict.

Don't forget to add photos to your packages, so your clients can easily see the space they're renting on their quotes!

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