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How to charge a Weekend vs Weekday price for my Event Space rental.
How to charge a Weekend vs Weekday price for my Event Space rental.

Here's how you can use packages to charge a different price for your event spaces based on which day they are booked.

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First, add your event spaces as products to your inventory (article). This will help you charge different rates while alerting you to any overbookings.

To create multiple pricing options and continue to track the usage of your individual rooms, you'll create packages with different pricing - for example, one package with a weekend price and one with a weekday price.

To start, create a package named "Your Event Space - Weekday". (Add a package article)

Add the main space under your contents, and then be sure to include any optional accessories that are normally added on to this event space - such as chairs, tables, or another space in your venue. You'll add these optional upgrades as non required, non nested items.

Once you have added your Weekday package, we can quickly duplicate this package and adjust just the name and pricing. Here's how you can duplicate an item in your inventory (article).

Now, you'll have multiple pricing options for you and your sales team, all while ensuring you track the usage of your event space!

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