In addition to pricing by Daily, Hourly and Flat Fee, Packages support two additional methods of pricing: By Contents (All) and By Contents (Client Visible).

Both of these options allow you to derive the price of the package based on the contents of the package.

The difference between the two is that “By Contents (All)” will calculate the price of the package based on ALL items included (regardless if the client can see the item on the contract or not), whereas “By Contents (Client Visible)” will calculate the price of the package based only on the items the clients will see on their contract/invoice.

Said another way, a package priced by all items won't change as you hide items.
A packaged priced by client visible items will change as you hide items.

The great thing about pricing by the contents is this will update whenever you add, remove, or hide an item on a project.

Some important notes when pricing packages by their contents:

  1. The taxes for a package will be calculated based on the tax settings of its contents.

  2. You can only apply a percent (%) discount to the package. However, you can add either percent (%) or fixed dollar ($) discounts to any of its contents.

  3. Percent of Order and Percent of Line Item Group items will still apply to the whole order or line item group — they are not scoped to the package itself.

  4. Hourly items will use the default values you enter when creating the package. But you can still adjust them on the contract itself.

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