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How can I create packages with optional accessories?
How can I create packages with optional accessories?

Here's how you can use Packages and Accessories to create options for your Packages.

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First up, create your Package and add the items that you will always include under Contents. Any additional add-ons/optional upgrades will be added as Accessories.

Contents will be automatically added when you add the package, but Accessories is the perfect place to put any optional or add-on items you may include with your package.

For example, a Casino Table will always require chips, the table, and the cards, but you may offer custom branding or extra chips. The branding and extra chips will be added as Accessories - and they'll have their own, independent price.

Now when you go to add the Package to a project any Contents will be automatically added, and you will have the option of adding the Accessories by clicking next to the Package's name.

These accessories will be added with their own price as an add-on, allowing you to easily add upsell items.

Keep in mind that Packages can be used in several ways, such as for grouping parts together to make a whole item, such as poles and fabric for a tent; for creating themes or pre-designed seating areas; and for grouping together common setup or event tools, such as the charging cables and power strip for a Charging Kit.

Accessories are used for adding additional items to an item or package, such as cushions for chairs or chalk for a chalkboard.

Pro Tip: Packages can be added to items or other Packages as Accessories, too — check out the Charging Kit in the examples above and below!

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