What is a 'Nested' Accessory?

Here's how a 'Nested' Accessory will function on your projects.

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Any 'Nested' Accessory will multiply its quantity with the main item, and will be removed if you remove the main item. Nested Accessories are great for making sure all of your chairs have the correct number of chair sashes, for example, but you may not want to Nest an Accessory if it’s a bottle of Windex or a vacuum cleaner.

For example, if you need to track how many cushions are going with a chair, mark the accessories as 'Nested'.

Here's how adding a 'Nested' accessory will function on a project.

'Nested' accessories can be identified by their 'arrow' noting which item they are related to.

If you need a refresher on accessories, check out the video below!

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