When should I use Accessories vs Packages?

Here are some scenarios to help you think through when you should use Accessories on an item or Packages with contents.

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Watch this quick video describing the differences between Packages vs Accessories

Use Packages for items that need other items to assemble or build in order to be complete.

Examples of Packages include:

  • Tents (and all their parts)

  • Pipe and Drape

  • Cocktail tables with varying leg heights

  • Basic audio package for Wedding Ceremony

  • Presentation Package for Speakers

  • Dance Floors

  • Sweetheart table for a Wedding

  • First Birthday Cake Smash photo op.

  • Uplighting package for particular venues

  • Rope and stanchions

  • Lounge packages

  • Sale or theme packages

Use Accessories for items that may be related that are two separate items.

Examples of Accessories include:

  • A bar (the item) with various color tops (the accessories)

  • A chalkboard (the item) and chalk (the accessory)

  • A chair (the item) and it's cushions, covers, sashes (all the accessories)

  • A Couch (the item) with throw pillows (the accessories)

  • An air hockey table (the item) with an extension cord (the accessory)

  • An inflatable (the item) with a blower, sandbags, and tarp (the accessories)

  • Furniture (the item) with scratch protectors (the accessory)

  • A glass table (the item) and Windex (the accessory)

Add Accessories to Packages for items that may go along with the Package.

Examples of Package Accessories include:

  • Extra items (e.g. extra chips for a casino table, additional drinking glasses)

  • Upgrade items (e.g. fancier dinnerware options, adding sidewalls to a tent)

  • Alternate items (e.g. tent stakes or weights, different cushion options for a sofa)

  • Supporting items (e.g. Windex and Pledge to remove any smudges before an event, floor protectors for furniture)

Pro Tip: Know when to Nest your accessories. Nesting “attaches” an accessory to an item, so that if you add more of the item, more of the Accessory is added too.

IMPORTANT: Conflicts

Accessories and Packages report their conflicts differently.

Conflicts for Accessories are detected for both items individually.

Said another way: you'll be able to see if you're overbooked on either the table or the tablecloth.

You can always quickly swap out an accessory that has a conflict using Alternates (Article).

Package as a whole will show a conflict AND the individual package content that's causing it. Once you swap that content, though, the package conflict disappears.

Said another way: you'll see conflicts on your package if one of the items is overbooked.

However, you can still see and easily swap out overbooked items with something similar (Article), so you'll still be able to achieve a complete package. This way, if you have a conflict within a package it'll be very easy to see and remedy ASAP.


If you add a 10 x 20 tent to your inventory as a Product with Accessories, you will not know you are overbooked on the tent as a whole. You will only see conflicts on the accessories.

If you add the same 10 x 20 tent and accessories as a Package, you'll know you're overbooked on the tent as a whole and need to switch something out.

Tents, staging, and other items that need to be assembled should be added as Packages, so any conflicts are obvious and you can act on them quickly.


I offer my clients chairs with their selection of optional cushion for an extra price. I want my team to be able to quickly select what cushion is going along with the chairs on an order.

Add the different color of cushions as Accessories to the chair. Select "Nested" to assign a cushion to each chair, so that as you increase your chair count, the number of cushions will increase as well.

I offer chalkboards that always need to include chalk. I only need one pack of chalk per order.

Add the chalk as an Accessory. Select "Required" and "Hidden" to ensure that the chalk is automatically added with the chalkboard, but isn't visible to the client. You can also alter the quantity that is automatically included here. Since we only need one pack of chalk and there may be multiple chalkboards, we won't mark this item as "Nested," since Nested Accessories duplicate along with the item.

I offer A/V or other electronic equipment that always require extension cables, AUX cords, or charger cords. I do not charge my client for the cords.

Add the cables as Accessories to the items. Then, select "Required," "Nested" and "Hidden" options to make sure the cables are included with that item; if you add more items, more cables will be added as well; and that these Accessories also hidden from the client.


I offer tents and staging. My client doesn't need to see the parts or pieces that go into assembling the package, but my crew will need to see the parts on their pull sheets.

Tent packages automatically do the math on what's needed to build a tent. This will then show you have enough poles, crowns, etc. to build a 10x20 but not enough for a 10x30 if they share the same equipment.

Add all the parts that make up the tent as Required Contents in a Package. Select "Auto Hide" to keep all the various parts and pieces hidden from the client. An example of an optional content would be something like Cement Blocks, or Tie Down Straps.

I offer a two piece table that needs to be assembled on-site.

Add the table base and the top as Contents to a package. Select "Auto Hide" so the client doesn't have to see the individual pieces.

I offer a stack of 16 plates for a set price.

Add the 16 plates as Contents to a package. Select "Auto Hide" and the client will only see the package name ("16 Dinner Plates") as a line item, and not the package title as one line item PLUS the package contents (the actual 16 dinner plates) as another line item.

Accessories to Packages

I offer optional sidewalls for my tents to be added at an extra cost.

Add the sidewalls as Accessories to the tent package. If you need the sidewalls to multiply along with the packages (if you're adding multiple tents), select "Nested."

I want my team to select if my inflatable packages are being anchored by stakes or weights and these cost extra.

Add anchors and stakes as Accessories. Check "Nested" and "Hidden" to make sure that the Accessories multiply with the package and to hide them from clients.

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