If you've got a drink machine that always includes a tablecloth, you can use Accessories on the drink machine to prompt your team to make a selection of the color of tablecloth, and even set the tablecloth to always be hidden on the client's view.

First, ensure you've got the main item (the drink machine) and the accessories (all the colors of the tablecloths) added into your inventory.

Next, when creating or editing the main item, add the required details and move along to the Relations tab.

From here, you can add the different colors of the accessories into the Accessories section. Pro tip: You can even set these accessories to directly related or 'Nested' with the main item, and/or be auto-hidden to your client.

Now when you add the main item to a project, you'll get a pop up prompting you to select which color you want to bring.

Need a quick refresher on accessories? Check out the video below!

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