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How can I price my items in Goodshuffle Pro?
How can I price my items in Goodshuffle Pro?

Here are the pricing structures we support for your inventory.

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We want to make sure you have the most flexibility when it comes to pricing your inventory on your projects. The great thing is you can include as many of these different pricing structures as you like.

Daily Rate

This option is great if you want to give your clients a better daily rate if they rent it for a longer period.
In the example below, I charge my clients $10.00 per day to rent this item.
For a 3 day rental I want to give them a better daily rate for this product, so I'd charge them $25.00 for those three days (around 8.33/day). Similar logic applies for my Weekly and Monthly rates.

Learn more about daily rates here.


Let's say you've got a DJ, labor fees, or a bounce house that you rent hourly. Using the Hourly pricing structure you can set the minimum time booked, the rate for the minimum time, and the cost for each additional hour(s).

Learn more about hourly pricing in this quick video.


Imagine you've got candles that your client can purchase from you. You can set the candles to have a Purchase price that will not increase by the duration of the rental.

Don't forget to mark your purchased items as 'Set Aside' after the project so the don't get added back into your inventory! Learn more here.

Flat Fee

Flat Fees are perfect for your items that are always rented at a set rate. One use case for Flat Fees could be your more expensive and elaborate wedding packages that will always be priced at $10,000.00.

Services can be priced using the options below:

Hourly: Price is based on time. You can charge a flat rate per hour, or you can charge a flat rate for a minimum set amount of time plus an additional cost per hour beyond that.

Flat Fee: Price is set at a flat rate, regardless of factors such as time, mileage, or cost of order.

Flat Fee + Mileage: Price is a base rate plus a cost per mile traveled. This structure is intended for delivery services.

Percent of Order: Price is based on a percentage of the contract's total cost. A minimum amount may be added.

Percent of Line Item Group: Price is based on a percentage of a Line Item Group's total cost. A minimum amount may be added. (Article)

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