How can I update the pricing on a contract to my current rates?

Recently changed your inventory pricing? You can quickly update to current rates.

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**If you update pricing on a Signed Contract, the project will shift to an Unsigned Changes state, and a new signature will be required from your client**

To update the pricing on a contract to your current rates, click the three dots to the top right of your project and select "Update Contract Pricing"

You'll be prompted to confirm you would like to update to the current inventory prices.


If you have changed your pricing structure, such as removing the Daily rate and switching to a Flat Fee and Purchase rate, you will be prompted to select which price to apply to the project.

You will only be prompted to select a different pricing structure if the old structure no longer exists. If you updated your Daily price and added a Flat Fee price, the item will automatically update to the new Daily price.

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