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How to Create a Custom Package

Create a package of items for a set price (can use inventory and custom items) and multiply members of the package accordingly.

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There are many reasons you might want to build a custom package.
Perhaps you are offering a group of items for a set price so you want to keep the parent price, but delineate each item to ensure proper inventory tracking.
Or, perhaps you have a package of items you're using as a lounge or as a centerpiece and you need multiple of each. 

Whatever the reason, here are the basics of creating a custom package.

First, add "Custom Item/Package"

Next, give your package a name, description, and price. Don't forget you must add tax on all custom items (where applicable)!
Start with only a quantity of 1 before multiplying a custom package:

After you hit "save", you can add both inventory tracked items and custom items to your package by clicking the three dots next to the Custom Package and clicking either of these buttons:

You can add photos to each item as well as the package itself by clicking the camera icon when editing each:

To multiply the package as a whole, click the edit icon (3 dots) to the right of the "parent" of the package:

Change the quantity, and note that the pricing and all "child" items increase accordingly:

You'll note on the Category Pull Sheets, Goodshuffle Pro aggregates everything that needs to be pulled. On the Line Item Group Pull Sheets, the packages will show both the total and the quantity per package:

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