How can I create a custom pull sheet?

Here's how you can use the Excel export of your pull sheet to create a custom pull sheet for your team.

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First, click 'Print' in the top right of your project.

Next, select 'Pull Sheet' and 'Excel'.

Then, click 'Print'.

A Excel file will be downloaded.

You can see some examples of how to use this document below.

Using the Excel Document

First, open up Google Sheets (I find this the easiest method to manipulate an excel document).

Next, import the downloaded excel file.

You'll get two tabs on this import - Let's dive into the Raw Line Items.

Next, click Data > Pivot Table

From here, we can create our own custom Pull Sheets!

Pull Sheet by Line Item Group and Category

Add your Rows and Values on the right hand side of your screen with these suggestions.

And now you'll see a Pull Sheet broken down by Line Item Group, but also all the categories needed inside that group.

We add in Item ID in case an item is part of a package and a stand alone item on the project.
Package contents will be indented slightly.
Pool members will be marked with <Pl>
Subrentals will be marked with <SR>

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