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Input Product Inventory: Standard Add
Input Product Inventory: Standard Add

A guide to inputing inventory while editing the price, tags, description, image, and more.

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Go to the inventory page and select "Add Inventory" and select 'Poducts'.

You will be given the option of entering a Standard Add or Batch Add. Select Standard Add.

General Information: Enter the name and description of your item. Keep in mind that names and descriptions show on contracts and the marketplace, so this is a great opportunity to sell your product. 

Select the primary and sub categories of your item. Don’t see the category you need? Shoot us a note!

Attributes: Add attributes to help internal searching and greatly help your discoverability and bookability on the marketplace. Remove the checkbox under 'Client Visible' if you do not want clients seeing a specific attribute. 

Quantity & Tracking: Enter the quantity of items in your inventory. If you’re entering an item that you don’t need to track quantity for, such as duct tape, un-check the “Track Quantity” box. If you are adding an item you always subrent, enter the quantity as “0” and we’ll always flag it as such.

Pricing: There are three types of pricing structures supported in Goodshuffle Pro. You may select as many as you like for any given item, and choose which to use per contract.
Check the box of your desired pricing structure and enter a price.

Associated Services: Select whether or not delivery is required for this service. 

Tax Types: Select from your available tax types which should be charged on this item, and be sure to click “Add” before continuing to the next panel.

Press "Save & Continue" to finish the information section.

Select "Browse Files" to search for a desired image. You can drag and drop images from your computer or your website into this panel to upload images of your inventory. You can edit, caption, and distinguish which will be your primary photo.

Locate the image and select "Open" to attach. Then press "Save & Continue" to move to the Relations section.

Relations: Relations are connections between items that are frequently used together, or instead of one another.

Accessories: Items that either optionally or always go along with an item.

Required accessories will be automatically added to contracts when the parent item is added, and optional items can be seen by clicking on the 'View Relations' button on a contract line item.

Nested accessories will inherit the visibility of the parent item — so if the if the parent is hidden so will the accessory and if the parent is removed from the contract so will the accessory. Quantities (and prices if the accessory is priced) will increase/decrease as the parent item's quantity increases/decreases.

Parents: Item(s) that has accessories that are sometimes, or always, added when it’s used.

Alternates: Suggestions you will be able to view when you're adding your inventory in case you are out of stock/ overbooked on the given item under Relations and Alternates. Just keep in mind that the system won't automatically add the alternate, but it will provide you with the suggestion when you click on the 'View Relations' button on a contract.

(Above is an example of 5 alternate chairs to the Black Chiavari Chair)

After inserting these fields, select "Save & Close" to finish the Standard Add Process. 

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