Countering 'Subscription Cancelled' disputes

Preparing evidence to submit to the banks for review

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Goodshuffle does not decide who wins or loses a dispute. We work with you to compile evidence and submit it to the proper financial partners and card issuers.

Reason for Dispute

The customer claims that you continued to charge them after a subscription was canceled.

How to respond

First, get in touch with your customer. If you understand what they believe happened, there is a chance for you to explain the misunderstanding or to make it right.

If you wish to counter the dispute you will have to submit evidence for the banks review. This is what signals to the banks that you don’t accept the dispute and want to have the funds returned to you.

Required to overturn dispute

Prove that the subscription was still active and that the customer was aware of, and did not follow, your cancellation procedure.

Submitting Evidence

You can submit evidence by locating the dispute record on the billing tab of the project and clicking the "Counter Dispute" button. This will take you to a dedicated page where you will fill out the available form fields and attach any files you have based on the types of evidence below. Review our Formatting Files article for best practices.

Types of Evidence

  • Customer Communication: Evidence (for example, photographs or emails) to prove a link between the person receiving products and the cardholder, or proving that the cardholder disputing the transaction is using the service.

  • Customer Signature: Evidence that the person who signed for the products was authorized to sign for—or is known by—the cardholder.

  • Service Date / Documentation: Documentation showing proof that a service was provided to the cardholder, including the date that the cardholder received or began receiving the purchased service in a clear human-readable format. This could include a copy of a signed contract, Receipt of Goods and Services, or other form of written agreement.

  • Cancellation Policy: Your subscription cancellation policy, as shown to the customer.

  • Cancellation Policy Disclosure: An explanation of how and when the customer was shown your cancellation policy prior to purchase.

  • Cancellation Rebuttal: A notification sent to the customer of a renewal or continuation of the subscription, or an acknowledgement from the customer of their continued use of the product or service after the date they claim they canceled the subscription (if available).

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